Some of the pieces I'm most proud of.

Hogwarts house banners! Inlays are like pixel art but way cooler. Each banner contains about 4,000 rings and I learned a ton that I can apply to future inlays!

Sumada Dei, my first armored plushy. I kinda miss him. I'm glad he sold... but I kinda wish he didn't. Is that weird?

One of the first dodecahedron scultures I made. Each of the twelve sides had one of each color (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Amethyst). I'm sure there's some math behind that, but I used trial and error.

This sucker was made with 1" shooter marbles. It was pretty darn huge. Rather than the usual rainbow pattern I went with from dark to light, brown to amber to pink to clear.

My first and so far only rollable dodecahedron (d12 dice). Each of the twelve sides has a d12 in the face, facing the proper direction to make a kinda ridiculous, working dice. I reeeeally need to make another one of these, but I don't remember what rings sizes I used exactly. The marbles are uranium glass and glow under black light.

The dice are held in place in the rollable dodecahedron by a big 1" shooter marble. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect fit.

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