• Convention Season Is Over!

    I tried something a little different with the black backdrops this time.
  • A Preponderance of Pretty Pastel Pony Pracelets

    Pracelets. Ha ha ha... I crack myself up sometimes.

    I really liked Viper Basket as a bracelet weave and I was looking for a good way to represent a My Little Pony color scheme well (body & mane color). Spoilers. I mixed them.
  • Three Down! One To Go!

    Slytherin is finally complete and listed! It's probably impossible to see, but there are two shades of green mixed together. Heck, it's hard to see even when it's up close. I just had leftovers from a different color batch that I wanted to use up.
  • Meet Fenrir!

    Are you a vet? 'Cause this puppy is sick!
    This project took me a good 7 hours, not counting all the times spent taking apart major portions to adjust the fit and expansions.

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