• So it begins...

  • New Pokemon Art At The Office

    While I was at Wizard World I was saying that I'd buy these four Pokemon paintings if I sold one of the Hogwarts banners.

    I didn't sell any of them, but I sprung for them anyways.

    No regrets.
  • My Little Pony Inlay Update

    Four down!

    Two to go.

    Does Starlight count?
  • Wizard World Portland, Day 1 (Precon)

    Better late than never!

    Day one of Wizard World Portland Artist Alley, before 90% of the artists have shown up.

    Off in the distance you can see the walls of the larger vendors and celebrity booths.
  • Goodbye, Fenrir.

    My three con stint is over and I forgot to mention that I sold the best armored pupper in the world, Fenrir, at BABSCon!

    I hope he's happy in his new home.
  • Inlay Lessons? Yes, Please!

    My first reaction was, “I don’t know what I’m doing! What could I possibly say that would help anyone?

    ”But after soliloquizing for a bit (I highly recommend it) I had come up with a decent list of useful tips and tricks for making inlays that I could dig into.
  • Applejack Has Been Framed!

    I'm thinking of hanging them with two pins or screw hooks instead of a long chain like the Harry Potter crests. What do you think?
  • BABSCon was great!

    Thank you so much to everypony who stopped by and especially to those who bought something.

    I'd go out and celebrate but I only have a day left before the next show. Hoo boy.
  • BABSCon 2018 Starts This Friday!

    "Sneath's Chainmaille. More rings than a Manehattan call center."
    BABSCon 2018 starts this Friday!
    I'll have my jewelry at booth A4 all weekend long.
  • For The Horde!

    Zug zug.

    I’m not quite done with the Alliance banner’s border, but I’m really happy with how the Horde turned out.

    They would be about 8,000 rings each.

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