One ring at a time...

Hello! My name is Glen and I've been making chainmaille jewelry and art since 2007.
I had just watched The Lord of The Rings at a friends house and thought, "I wonder how they made that?"
I bought some crappy, over-priced rings off eBay and started dabbling. My first project (a phone holster...) was pretty cheesy and lame but I was hooked.

I made Half-Persian 4-in-1 bracelets for friends for free for a while until someone asked, "How much do your bracelets cost?"
Aaaaaand... here we are today!

I still sell online (obviously) but I'm focusing a lot of my time and resources on selling at fandom conventions and shows. I don't actually like traveling, but it's a lot less overwhelming once you've done it alone a couple times.

I also sell supplies and kits at https://www.etsy.com/shop/sneathsupplies />Maybe someone will buy 100 bright aluminum jump rings off of me, make some bizarre noob project, become hooked, and start up a business for themselves. Who knooows~!

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